As should be appropriate for a language website, words are the building blocks of Debesėlis.

Anybody can enter any kind of word, no matter if it's English or Estonian. It can be a specific technical term, or if you wish you can store slang words of your favorite language.

To make life of contributors easier, you can put the words in a wordlist. You may do it afterwards, or you may do it at once by creating a new wordlist.

Every submitted word can be found using the search.

If your word definition is well-formed and informative, our language administrators will approve it and add it to the dictionary.

Studying words

Soon there will be a studying section where you can study your wordlists by guessing word meanings and playing games.

What is available at the moment is the ability to rate your knowledge of words in a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being a complete mastering of a word). You can see the rating dropbox in wordlists and in the "Rate your words" box on the right side. You can always check out the ratings you have given to your words in the word levels page.


We are doing our best in providing you free language lessons. As Debesėlis is based on a Lithuanian language website, what we have most right now is Lithuanian learning material.

If you feel like letting the world know about your language, you should consider making a lesson, even the most basic one. Afterwards you may put your lessons in a lesson list, so other users can easily read them.

Lesson wordlist

A lesson has an ability to contain words that you or somebody else has defined. After composing a lesson you will be asked to do this, or you may just click the "add words" button anytime.


The calendar is going to help you not get lost in your language activities and goals.

After Debesėlis gets information about your language and vocabulary skills, it is going to schedule studying events for you.

You can feel free to create, edit and postpone events in your calendar in any way you feel necessary.


Excited about something you learned? Tell everyone about it on a note! Too much frustration? Vent it by posting a note!


Look for a forum about your language and discuss anything you want - grammar, vocabulary, culture, or have a chat in the generic forums.

If your language is not in the forums, we'll be glad to make one.


Feeling extraverted? Find a colleague, learn from them or teach them!