Imperative Mood

2 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas


Imperative mood means ordering someone or something to do something.

To derive the imperative form, you need to take the infinitive of a verb, e.g. duoti (to give), and drop the ti, then...

... if you want to order one other person (tu), you have to add k: duok!
... to order more than one other person or to order one person politely (jūs), you have to add kite: duokite!
... to order or encourage a group that you are in (mes), you must add kime: duokime! (Let's give!)

To express your wish for someone to do something or something to happen (jis, ji, jie, jos), you must put te in front of the present tense 3rd person verb: teduoda!

Note that you must put the subject after 3rd person imperative (teduoda):

Teduoda jis man pieštuką. May he give me the pencil.
Tegauna ji laišką. May she get the letter.
Teįvyksta stebuklas! May a miracle happen!

Vytautai, duok pieštuką! Vytautas, give me a pencil!
Vaikai, duokite kompiuterį! Children, give the computer!
Vyrai, imkime kompus! Men, let's take the computers!

Word Meaning
stebuklas miracle
Teįvyksta stebuklas!
May a miracle happen!
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