Negation Prefix

1 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas

Level: A1

If you want to say that an action did not happen, you have to use the prefix ne. Since it's a prefix, you have to attach it to the beginning of a verb.

neduoti - not to give
nekalbėti - not to speak, not to talk
negyventi - not to live

aš neduodu (I don't give)
tu neduodi (you don't give)
jis, ji, jie, jos neduoda (he, she, they don't give)
mes neduodame (we don't give)
jūs neduodate (you don't give)

aš nekalbu (I don't speak)
tu nekalbi (you don't speak)
jis, ji, jie, jos nekalba (he, she, they don't speak)
mes nekalbame (we don't speak)
jūs nekalbate (you don't speak)

aš negyvenu (I don't live)
tu negyveni (you live)
jis, ji, jie, jos negyvena (he, she, they don't live)
mes negyvename (we don't live)
jūs negyvenate (you don't live)


Barry 15 June 2020 18:57
Just to show I'm paying attention: tu negyveni means 'you don't live'.
Jo Alex SG 12 May 2021 05:41
I also noticed there was a typo on
"tu negyveni (you live)" which obviously means 'you don't live':-) Thanks for one more precious lesson!