The verb aru .. to be .. ある

17 December 2018 by wolfganghofmeier

Level: B1

to be; to exist .. aru .. ある [infinitive]

This verb is used for inanimate objects. There is a different verb for people and animals.

Present informal tense: it exists .. aru .. ある

Present formal tense: it exists .. arimasu .. あります or 有ります

Present informal negative tense: it does not exist .. nai .. ない or 無い

Present formal negative tense: it does not exist .. arimasen .. ありません or 有りません

Past informal tense: it existed .. atta .. あった or 有った

Past formal tense: it did exist .. arimashita .. ありました or 有りました

Past formal negative tense: it did not exist .. arimasen deshita .. ありませんでした or 有りませんでした

Imperative informal mood: exist .. are .. あれ or 有れ

Imperative formal mood: please exist .. atte kudasai .. あってください or 有ってください

Imperative informal negative mood: don't exist .. aru na .. あるな

Imperative formal negative mood: please do not exist .. aide kudasai .. あいでください or 無いでください

Te form - conjunctive stem: exist .. atte .. あって or 有って

1) Are you familiar with the Self Defense Force's salute, wedding ceremonies, what classes are there, etc?

Jieitai no keirei ya kekkonshiki, don'na kaikyū ga aru no ka, nado nado, minasan gozonji desu ka?


Literally: Self_Defense_Force of salute ‘ya’ wedding_ceremonies, what classes ‘ga’ there_are ‘no’ ‘ka’,

2) Keeping honorific expresses the psychological distance of the user so it is necessary to use properly depending on time and case.

Keigo wa tsukaite no shinri-tekina kyori mo arawareru node toki to baainiyotte tsukaiwakeru hitsuyō ga arimasu.


Literally: Honorifics ‘wa’ user ‘no’ mind-inclusive distance also appear so time and in_some_cases distinguish needed ‘ga’ it_is

3) The data is not up-to-date.

Dēta ga saishinde wa arimasen.


Literally: data ‘ga’ latest ‘wa’ is_not

4) I will inform you because there was an answer from the manufacturer.

Mēkā kara kaitō ga arimashita node oshirase shimasu.


Literally: maker from answer ‘ga’ there_was so notice do

This is a lengthy compound sentence joined with so .. node .. ので, but the use of arimasu is straight forward.

need .. hitsuyō .. 必要 [noun]

it is needed .. hitsuyō ga arimasu .. 必要があります

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