The verb suru .. to do .. する

16 December 2018 by wolfganghofmeier

Level: B1

Japanese verbs have formal and informal verb forms. Tourists should use the formal forms, but should also recognize the informal forms.

Japanese verbs also have negative forms. That will take some getting used to because in English not is put in front to the verb to make the sentence negative. The English auxiliary verb do is also used in forming negative sentences.

This verb is frequently used as an auxiliary verb. Many English verbs correspond to a noun in combination with this verb in Japanese.

Infinitive: to do .. suru .. する

Present tense formal: (I) do .. shimasu .. します

Present tense informal: (I) do .. suru .. する

Past tense formal: (I) did .. shimashita .. しました

Past tense informal: (I) did .. shita .. した

Imperative formal: Please do. .. shite kudasai .. してください

Imperative informal: Do. .. seyo .. せよ

Te form: shite .. して

Present tense formal negative: (I) don’t do .. shimasen .. しません

Present tense informal negative: (I) don’t do .. shinai .. しない

Past tense formal negative: (I) didn’t do .. shimasen deshita .. しませんでした

Past tense informal negative: (I) didn’t do .. shinakatta .. しなかった

Imperative formal negative: Please don’t do . .. shinaide kudasai .. しないでください

Imperative informal negative: Don’t do. .. suruna .. するな

1) I will do it properly in Toku's next life on Amazon.

Amazon de itsu ma-chan no raise de wa chanto shimasu.


Literally: Amazon on when Toku of afterlife in ‘wa’ properly do

2) I kidnapped you in the past.

Kako no anata o yūkai shimashita.


Literally: past ‘no’ you ‘o’ kidnapping did

3) Whatever it is, why do not you chat?

Nani demo ī no de zatsudan shimasen ka?


Literally: what but good ‘no’ ‘de’ chat not_do ‘ka’

to chat .. zatsudan suru .. 雑談する

Literally: chat do

4) Do not mind me, do not worry.

Watashi no koto wa kini shinaide, shinpai shinaide.


to care .. kini suru .. 気にする

Literally: care do

to worry .. shinpai suru .. 心配する

Literally: worry do

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