Questions. The particle か ka

9 December 2018 by wolfganghofmeier

Level: A1

Very short questions can be formed simply by using the topic marker and intonation (up).


1) Name? .. namae wa .. 名前は?


For anything more complicated, the particle ka is placed at the end of the sentence.


2) Where is the money exchange? .. Okane no kōkan wa doko desu ka? .. お金の交換はどこです


Literally: money of exchange ‘wa’ where is ‘ka’?


The main verb stays at the end in Japanese, even in a question.


3) The money exchange is here. .. Okane no kōkan wa kochira desu. .. お金の交換はこちらです。


Notice that in Japanese, unlike in English, the answer has the same word order as the question. doko is replaced by kochira.


Just like in English, there are a number of question words. We have seen どこ doko where.


4) When is the party? .. Pātī wa itsu desu ka? .. パーティーはいつですか?


5) The party is at 10 o’clock in the evening. .. Pātī wa yūgata juu-ji desu. .. パーティーは夕方十時です。


6) Why is this expensive? .. Naze kore wa kōkana no desu ka? .. なぜこれは高価なのですか?


7) This is expensive because it is valuable. .. Kore wa kichōna node kōka desu. .. これは貴重なので高価です。


Literally: this ‘wa’ precious because expensive it is


8) What is the problem? .. Nani ga mondai desu ka? .. が問題ですか?


9) The rain is the problem. .. Ame ga mondai desu. .. 雨が問題です。


10) What kind of bird is this? .. Kore wa don'na tori desu ka? .. これはどんな鳥ですか?


11) This is a chicken. .. Kore wa toriniku desu. .. これは鶏肉です。


12) At what time? .. Nanji ni? .. 何時に?


13) At 9 o’clock in the morning. .. Asa ku-ji ni. .. 朝九時に。


Literally: morning nine o’clock at


14) Who is the tall man? .. Senotakai otoko wa dare desu ka? .. 背の高い男はですか?


15) The tall man is the pilot. .. Senotakai otoko wa pairotto desu. .. 背の高い男はパイロットです。

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