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6 December 2018 by wolfganghofmeier


My name is Ikeda. .. Namae wa Ikeda desu. .. 名前は池田です。

[Literally: name ‘topic particle wa’ Ikeda it is

Note that Ikeda is a surname. Japanese people use surnames except with family or very close friends.]


Nice to meet you. .. Hajimemashite. .. はじめまして。


I am Sato. .. Satō desu. .. 佐藤です。

[Literally: Sato it is]


What is your name? .. Onamae wa nan desu ka? .. お名前は何ですか?

[Compare this with the first sentence.

Namae .. 名前.. name

Onamae .. お名前.. name


The prefix O is called a honorific. It is used as a sign of respect. It is only used when referring to other people’s names, never your own.]


What is his name? .. Kare no namae wa? .. 彼の名前は?


What is his name? .. Kare no namae wa nani desu ka? .. 彼の名前は何ですか?


He is Mr. Yamamoto. .. Kare wa Yamamoto-san desu. .. 彼は山本さんです。

[The suffix -san is a honorific. Never use it with your own name.]


What is her name? .. Kanojo no namae wa nani desu ka? .. 彼女の名前は何ですか?


Her name is Midori Toyoda. .. Kanojo no namae wa Toyoda Midori desu. .. 彼女の名前は豊田みどりです。

[In Japanese, the surname comes before the given name.]

Word Meaning
名前 1. namae
2. name
池田 1. ikeda
2. Ikeda
はじめまして 1. hajimemashite
2. nice to meet you
佐藤 1. sato
2. Sato
お名前 1. onamae
2. name
1. nani
2. nan
3. what
1. kare
2. he
彼の 1. kare no
2. his
1. san
2. Mr.
3. Mrs.
4. Ms.
彼女 1. kanojo
2. she
彼女の 1. kanojo no
2. her
豊田 1. Toyoda
2. Toyota
みどり 1. midori
2. green
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