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1 December 2018 by wolfganghofmeier


A coffee, please. - Kō`hī o kudasai`. - コーヒーをください。

[As usual, ` after a vowels means that vowel gets the accent.]

A tea, please. - O`cha o kudasai`. - お茶をください。

A Coca Cola, please. - Kokakōra o kudasai`. - コカコーラをください

A cup of coffee, please. - Ippai no kōhī o kudasai. - 一杯のコーヒーをください

One cup of tea, please. - Ippai no ocha o kudasai. - 一杯のお茶をください

["no" and "o" are particles that follow nouns and give the grammatical position in the sentence, much like case endings in some Indo-European languages.]

One beer, please. - Bīru ippai kudasai. - ビール一杯下さい

Wine, please. - Wain o kudasai. - ワインをください

Thanks. - Arigatō`. - ありがとう

Thank you. - Arigatō` gozaima`su. - ありがとうございます。

Thank you very much. - Dō`mo arigatō` gozaima`su. - どうもありがとうございます。

[As mentioned before, Japanese is very different from English. The last Japanese sentence does not literally translate as "Thank you very much."]

Word Meaning
ビール 1. bīru
2. beer
コーヒ 1. kōhī
2. coffee
コカコーラ 1. kokakōra
2. Coca Cola
ください 1. kudasai
2. please
お茶 1. ocha
2. tea
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