1 December 2018 by wolfganghofmeier

Level: A1

Good morning - Oha`yō gozaima`su - おはようございます

[a` means the accent is on that vowel. These accents have been added by the author of this course and aren't part of standard Romaji. u means the u is silent, but needs to be written because of the limitations of the availability of syllables in Japanese writing.]

Good afternoon (Good day) - Kon'ni`chi wa` - こんにちは

[The apostrophe is a glottal stop.]

Good evening - Ko`nban wa` - こんばんは

[Sounds like Ko`mban wa`]

Goodbye - Sayōna`ra - さようなら

Nice to meet you. - Hajimema`shite. - はじめまして

[i means the letter i is silent here.]

See you later. - Jā mata. - じゃあまた。

[A general comment: Japanese is very different from English. None of these expressions can be translated literally, so you should try to draw conclusions about the meanings of the individual words.]


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