A is B (adj)

21 November 2014 by kim


The copula 이에요 (i-e-yo) / 예요 (ye-yo) cannot be used to say that something is a certain way (i.e. "is red", "is happy", etc).

To ask how things are you must use o-ttae-yo 어때요 which means how is:

선생님 어때요? seonsaengnim ottaeyo? (How is the teacher? What is the teacher like?)
사업 어때요? saob ottaeyo? (How is business? What is business like?)

Kuraeyo 그래요 literally means "it is like that", and may be used as a statement such as "it's like that", "that's right", "it is".

It may also be used as a question, meaning "is it like that?", "really?" and "is that so?".

Word Meaning
사업 business
그래요 1. that's right
2. is that so?
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