Introduction to Lithuanian

8 October 2011 by Pigmalijonas

Level: A1

Lithuanian is one of two living Baltic languages (along with Latvian). The Baltic languages are a distinct branch of the Indo-European languages.

Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania, which is a state of the European Union. It is now 24 years that Lithuania has regained its independence and it\'s been improving since. Lithuanian is spoken by around 4 million people in the world, mainly in Lithuania (around 3 million inhabitants).

Every Lithuanian is proud to speak a unique archaic language, which retains many of the original features of the old Indo-European language. These features include cases and lots of participles, which make Lithuanian a difficult language to learn for those who speak a language without cases and participles. Surely the lucky ones are Latvians, because Latvian is the language closest to Lithuanian. Another group of languages that is close to Lithuanian are the Slavic languages.

Practice shows that English speakers have a difficulty with cases, so this is a thing to pay most attention to. If you speak English, the best way to grasp cases is by learning from the remnants of cases in your language. These remnants are most clearly visible in words he, his, him (nominative, genitive and accusative cases).

We wish you a nice learning experience, as you will go through these lessons!


asCii 3 November 2014 23:48
Oh, man, cool!
Duda 21 May 2015 01:11
Are you going to create any more Lithuanian lessons? I've tried many websites, and yours is by far the best, but I have mastered all you have created and am now ready for the next level