ačiū labai? labai ačiū?

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ačiū labai? labai ačiū?

Postby enedwaith » 2007 10 22, 21:46


I am in lithuania for 6 weeks and I am still continuing to learn it, but there is a questionn in my mind:

I saw that aciu labai is not right sentence in lithuanian but I saw many people using it together with dekui labai...

So I am searhing for an answer if it is right or not :)

Thanks for the answer
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Postby Pigmalijonas » 2007 10 22, 22:05

"Ačiū labai" and "dėkui labai" are incorrect, but people use it often because of the English "thank you very much" (which is not "very much thank you"). I'd say it's up to you to decide which one to choose, but I'm going to correct you if you use the wrong one anyway :).
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