A new topic for the Lietuvių Kalbą section--Essays
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Author:  Varnas [ 2006 12 08, 03:21 ]
Post subject:  A new topic for the Lietuvių Kalbą section--Essays

I would like to suggest an essay or paragraph section for our website, where members could "blog" a paragraph in Lithuanian about any topic. Since we can't talk live to each other here, we can at least write, and in trying to express our thoughts in paragraphs we could expose our individual grammar and usage problems. This would cause us to lean harder on our native speakers, but, on the other hand, many constructive questions could arise.

Or perhaps a topic could be suggested and members could write a few sentences on that.

Author:  Pigmalijonas [ 2006 12 08, 09:56 ]
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Gera mintis, Varnai.
That's a great idea, Varnas.

Ar galėtum tokią temą sukurti Žodyno forume?
Could you create such a topic in the Vocabulary forum?

Let us think of a topic... It would surely have to be as simple as possible. What about schools and education?

Author:  Varnas [ 2006 12 09, 04:25 ]
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Okay, I have entered it as a new topic, if you want to adjust the rules, let me know...

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