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 Post subject: Russian occupation
PostPosted: 2008 03 31, 22:28 

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Hi all,

I've just started to date a Lithuanian girl and I am interested in learning about life in Lithuania during the Russian occupation and how things were later after you won your independence?

I've done my own research but all I can seem to find are historical facts, I'm looking more for the human story; what it was like for everyday people.

She hasn't told me much about what it was like for her, apart from her disdain of Russians in general. I'm not going to push her, I'm sure she'll tell me when she's ready. She was only a child in 1991 but she has borne a witness to history that for me, living in the west, I cannot entirely appreciate.


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 Post subject: occupation
PostPosted: 2008 04 02, 09:06 
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Well, it would be quite difficult to explain everything in English. I could say that in soviet union there was a lack of food products, people had to wait in long queues to buy bread. There was a low variety of what you could buy: bread - 3 types, cars - 3-4 different models(only very rich people could afford a car). All blocks of flats were of 2 - 3 types, all equal in the whole soviet union. Government was providing flats for free (not sure). As comunistic slogans say "everything belongs to everybody", nobody could have a property, because everythink belongs to everybody. Although, it doesn't mean that everybody could come to your flat and do what he wants. Officialy it was declared that "everything belongs to the whole soviet union, not for particular people" The word "steal" was not used, there was used "made an item his/her property" (not sure if you find it clear) instead.
After we regained independence, many people got rich very quickly, because there has always been a lack of products, so people started importing goods from abroad. Some people were establishing banks, and many of them gone bankrupt. One bank offered 30% interest for deposits, and many people were putting their last money in it. Soon this bank gone bankrupt, and his owner escaped to russia, then to mexico, then to US. This affected all people severely, they didn't get their deposits back, and it just widened a gap between rich and poor. After independence mafia was flourishing. There was a big gap between rich and poor
But gradually all these bad things have gone. Life is getting better, the gap between rich and poor is getting lower, mafia is "destroyed" (don't know more appropriate word). Although there are still are some money laundering, it is very low comparing to how it was widepread 15 years ago. People are getting more and more western..
There's a lot and a lot to talk about it, maybe other members could say something about it...

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: 2008 09 04, 14:17 
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Go to youtube and write 1989 lithuania and 1991 lithuania and watch the videos there ...u will see ...just u wont read and u will learn better james...i am like u cos i am also fell in love with a lithuanian girl...since then i am learning lithuanian and interested in lithuanian history...lithuanian's people are more different than other european people ...they have more encourage and cos in 1991 they were alone and noone helped them against Russia...but they won the fight of independance

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 Post subject: ~~~~~~~~
PostPosted: 2012 03 31, 22:27 

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Oh, that's Great SIR !!

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