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PostPosted: 2007 10 17, 16:04 

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Kea wrote:
And of course the endings for verbs in first and second person in plural -me; -te. But that is also similar in Russian :wink:

I noticed that similarity between Finnish and IE verb endings myself. I spoke to a friend about it, and he said it forms a major part of the basis for a hypothetical "super-family" that would include the Indo-European and Finnic languages.

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PostPosted: 2012 12 09, 14:25 

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Hello everybody, I needed to register, when I saw this topic...

Great list, I didn't know many of those. I think there are few missing from the list:

susi is "a wolf" in Finnish, and of course, suns is "a dog" in Latvian. Herne (a pea) is hernes in Estonian, and zirnis/žirnis in Latvian/Lithuanian. These are the ones I remember without checking the source literature.

Basically, most Finnish/Estonian words enging with "s" are loanwords from Latvian/Lithuanian, such as ruis, kirves etc. There are few I'm not sure about:
mies (a man), kives (a testicle), seiväs (a stake), kaivos (a mine; very unlikely a loan), ahdas (tight), puhdas (clean). Do they resemble any Latvian/Lithuanian word?

These are also the most difficult word in Finnish. For example, genitive is normaly [the stem + n], for example koulu-> koulun (school, school's), but these baltic loans behave differently:

ruis: rukiin
olut: oluen
susi: suden
kirves: kirveen, but
kives: kiveksen
ratas: rattaan
ahdas: ahtaan.
silta: sillan
varas: varkaan
lapa: lavan
mies: miehen.

(I suppose some of these declinations also reveal some language history too. )

So next time somebody says, that Finnish genitive is difficult, I'll blame the Balts :)

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