Welcome to our school of the Lithuanian language! Being here means that you are either thinking of learning Lithuanian or you are already studying it. Whatever level you are at, this website is for you.

The main part of this website is committed to basic Lithuanian grammar and small lessons, with which you can reach the beginner level, or review your existing knowledge. In addition to the grammar, we have a useful pronunciation guide with sounds recorded by a native speaker.

We kindly invite you to join our forum, where we offer personal help in learning Lithuanian. Here you can ask any Lithuanian or Lithuania-related question, improve your speech and find some helpful Lithuanian friends. If you have a text to translate, post it in the forum.

Learning Lithuanian is a fun learning adventure. It is not just the language of a modern European state. It is also a language of great lyricism and beauty, called by some linguists, a 'living museum'. Its conservative word forms and structure are remarkably similar to the language of the ancient Indo-Europeans. Lithuanian has its place among the oldest spoken languages of Europe.

We invite you to browse this website and hope that you find whatever you seek.